Welcome to Kitchen Chemistry


Welcome to the home of the Kitchen Chemistry Outreach Project on the web. Experiments are broken down under topics in the Experiments menu, but can also be searched by keyword. Avogadro’s Lab links to articles written for The Mole – a publication from the Royal Society of Chemistry. The “More Information” menu links to additional stuff about the activities of the Kitchen Chemist, such as a list of shows, and pictures of molecules that can be manipulated.

Browse through the pages, search for keywords, take a look at the photos, try some of the experiments, and leave your own tips and tricks as comments on the pages or, even better, use the discussion forum.


The Kitchen Chemistry Outreach Project developed in partnership with Scifest Africa from a simple science show. In these pages you will find resources that have been produced for the science show, some adapted from a course at Futurelearn, and more.

These pages are under continual development. Please send and email to
info@kitchenchemistry.eu or subscribe to the blog to be kept up to date with changes and additions.

The Author

Dr Stephen H. Ashworth is a Reader in the School of Chemistry at the University of East Anglia. He has been giving demonstration lectures to audiences from the Womens’ Institute to primary school children for over a decade. In the last few years he has developed strong links with Scifest Africa and has served two terms on their Advisory Committee. He is also a Public Engagement Ambassador. In his spare time he likes cooking, eating and making music.