Kitchen Chemistry: latest updates

Finally I’ve had time to take a look at the website. The latest issue of experiments in the Mole are now on the Avogadro’s lab page. There is also a new page on “Amazing Maizena”.

I have been able to get around to this as the Futurelearn Kitchen Chemistry course has now finished. If, however, I get to run it again, or start to develop a second part this will be the place to find out.

I intend to be more active in adding more material to the site over the next few months. The first things I will try to put up are the molecules that I used in the Kitchen Chemistry course and the links to the databases of molecules to view. I’ll also be developing a page (or pages) with useful chemistry links.

The new material this time is “Amazing Maizena” otherwise known as cornflour (or cornstarch). I have also put up the links to my regular article which is published in “The Mole” – the insert to the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Education in Chemistry magazine.

I hope this is useful and you come back often.