The Latest from the Kitchen Chemist

The site has undergone some expansion with updates and new areas. I’ve been moved on from another website I was using so I have taken the opportunity to add and expand the content here and the latest issue of The Mole has been published with “Avogadro’s Lab”.

The expansions to the site can mainly be found at Here you will find more information about all my demonstration lectures, including Kitchen Chemistry. I’ll gradually be adding more information along with of workshops that I run. There are also listings of the events I am (and have been) busy with. That’s the place to look to see which part of the county, country or world I will be (or was) in at any given time. The records go back to 2000 and show any events I have booked in the future.

In addition I have the interactive molecules now running on the website. At present they are linked through the Etc. menu and the Talks, Event etc. link. It represents a rather eclectic mix of molecular structures, which have been used as examples. However, one page links to three different searchable databases, so if you know the systematic name of a small molecule or the database reference of one of a large one, there is a good chance you can find it with this page.

The new issue of Avogadro’s lab is out, along with The Mole and Education in Chemistry. This issue we look at light produced mechanically – triboluminescence. If you are in a dark place and your eyes are accustomed to the dark you can see light when crushing sugar cubes, and also a blue flash on the first crunch of some sweets. What a great excuse to do some experiments!