Raising funds

I would like to be able to fund the continuing work of the Kitchen Chemistry Outreach Project in South Africa, but it is rather difficult to find interested parties. If anyone has bright ideas that they would not mind sharing, please get in touch, either tweet @Kitchen_Chem or email The Kitchen Chemist.

I have spent quite a while recently approaching companies and charities that might have interests in South Africa. I have been able to share with them some details of the project in a short brochure and have emphasised the fact that their company is probably interested in a scientifically skilled and educated workforce. I have made the point that, along with this website, there are teachers resources and educator workshops that we run in order to provide a lasting legacy.

As yet, however, I have received no positive responses. It seems that companies have, quite reasonably, fully committed funds to their own Corporate and Social Investment plans, and charities are in a similar position with their individual projects.

Does anyone have hints and tips as to how best to time the speculative approach? Is there a good time of year to contact firms regarding such projects? Are there good ways to find out about charities that might be interested and are there top tips on how to approach them? I would be really happy for any advice that you might consider sharing.