New look for website

The aftermath of Kitchen Chemistry: Seconds.

The Kitchen Chemist has been hard at work today working on a new look for the Kitchen Chemistry website. I hope that it will be easier to navigate so it will be even more useful.

A new WordPress theme has been implemented. I think it looks better than the old one, but no doubt there will be compromises that have to be made in the long run. By all means leave some comments so that I know whether my choices have worked.

I have also been preparing some new content for the site based on the new show “Kitchen Chemistry:Seconds”. It had its debut in a little village just outside Norwich in January this year. There was not too much space in the Village Hall, but just about everything worked. It is nice to be able to do a “World Premiere” in front of a friendly audience to start with. It certainly shows what is going to go right and what needs more work. The next performance was going to be in South Africa at Scifest Africa, and I managed to do some important tweaks before leaving. The results can be seen in the video that has been put on YouTube at

The material that has been added can be accessed in the usual way, either through the navigation menus, or by using the search facility for the tags. If you are interested, have a look for conductivity, redox and human battery amongst others.

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