News from the Kitchen (Chemist)

Doesn’t time fly? One minute I was sorting out my return from South Africa after Science Week (which I might blog about later) and now I am preparing myself for Christmas… and beyond. In the meantime I have been busy with the website. Now I can share the news of the discussion forum and shop.

I would really like visitors to be able to use this site as a resource for their teaching or other practical chemistry. Along the way we will gather a wealth of experience and it would be such a shame not to be able to share that experience. For that reason I have now included a discussion board on the site. Please use this so it becomes a repository of good ideas, handy hints and good practice so that we can share our experience. Head over to the Discussion forum to contribute.

Blog regulars will remember me talking about unbreakable beakers in a former blog post. I have since been scouring the internet to find these particular items. I found all sorts of other vases, but not the colourless ones that are so good for chemistry demonstrations. Well, eventually I found a manufacturer in China who has produced some for me.

I am now the proud possessor of a minimum order of these products and would be happy to sell them to anybody who might find them useful for science demonstrations, or to put flowers in. The vases are 34 cm tall and slightly fluted, so they vaguely resemble a large conical (Erlenmeyer) flask. The company that supplied them before, Ashburton Products, used the name “Easivase”.

In order to recoup my investment I am currently offering them at £2.20 each or £9.99 for a pack of five. Postage is extra. Have a look at the shop to see exactly what is on offer. Payment and address details are handled through PayPal, although a small discount can be made for direct bank transfers – please contact sales@kitchenchemistry for more details.

At the moment you might consider the shop should be called “Hobson’s Choice” but if there proves to be demand I might be able to produce other sizes or styles.