Gallery of The Molecules of Life

Each of the buttons below will lead to a page where the molecule may be manipulated on the screen. One may zoom in and out, spin and turn the molecules. It is also possible to change the style in which the molecule is displayed including a formats that allow a 3D effect to be seen. Learn about the different styles
If there is a molecule or protein that you are interested in that is not shown here try searching for using the Search Public Databases option. Three databases are currently accessible. The NCI database contains more than 250,000 structures of relatively small molecules and the PubMed database also is best for relatively small molecules. The RCSB database on the other hand deals with macromolecules (molecules with lots of atoms) such as proteins and enzymes. You are advised to browse the database to find what you are interested in before using the search box as they use codes such as 4N7K and 4OAA to identify substances.
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Ascorbic Acid
Catalase Peroxidase
ATP Synthase
Photosynthetic Centre
Photosystem II