What’s in store

The remainder of the year is looking exciting for the Kitchen Chemist. In addition to the local appearances there is a return to South Africa with Kitchen Chemistry: Seconds, a return to “where science lives” in November and a mini-tour of the South West in December.

In fact I am on the first leg of my trip to South Africa already. I have some Kitchen Chemistry kit with me so that I can do some shows in schools while I am there. I will, however, mainly be putting my physics hat on, which I’ll expand in a later post, and working with the SKA organisation doing workshops and staff training.

An appreciative audience!

An appreciative audience at the Ri in 2015.

In November I’ll be heading back to the Royal Institution. It is always nice to be invited back to a venue, especially one as historical as the Ri. If the audience is as happy this year as this audience member was last year I’ll be content.


In December I’ll be heading down to the South West. Bristol and Truro are confirmed and there will be at least one other date. I’m looking forward to that for two reasons. First, it will be my first trip to the extreme South West and second because I have some new luggage that will help me to travel with my kit. (It’s getting its first run out at the moment.)

I’ve also been in touch with the Department of Education here at the University. I’ve promised them the usual Christmas Lecture for the Primary PGCE students. Which reminds me, I’ll have to get in touch with the other presenter to see whether she is still able to guide me through the “Science of Santa” presentation.

Keep an eye on the blog and the @Kitchen_Chem twitter account for newa of South Africa and other developments to be announced later in the year.